Dallas Laser Etching by JPon Glass Company

Laser Etching

laser etching machine

JPON Glass has recently installed a Vytek Laser Etching and Cutting system which allows us to produce beautiful engravings on various surfaces. Creations can be made from original art, photographs, digital images, printed material, etc. Anything that can be scanned or saved to disk can be incorporated into a timeless piece. Larger applications can be tiled – etched as one design on multiple pieces of material.

Laser Etchings can be done on: Marble, Granite, Glass, Slate, Wood, Ceramics, Leather, Anodized Metals, Corian, Plastics, And More…


laser etching sample

Laser Cutting

Fine detail can be managed to produce parts needing low-tolerance accuracy and finished edges. The range of cutting applications is huge – from scientific component parts to functional pieces to highly interesting decorative objects.

Laser Cutting can be done on: Acrylic, Paper, Cardboard, Wood


Laser Etching and Cutting in One

Etching and cutting can be done on the same piece if the need is for a cutout that has a message. For example, nametags can be produced with a standard design but with different names on each piece.



  • Maximum size: 48" x 48"
  • Substrate must be flat
  • Maximum substrate thickness for etching: 1"
  • Maximum acrylic cutting thickness: 1/4"